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Ningbo Fulong Synchronous Belt Co., Ltd. is a famous China Industrial Variable Speed Belts Suppliers and Industrial Variable Speed Belts Factory, located in Longshan Town, Cixi City, Zhejiang Province. It was founded in 1984. It is the earliest enterprise engaged in the research and development, production and sales of rubber synchronous belts in China.

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Ningbo Fulong Synchronous Belt Co., Ltd.


  • 2021 antistatic timing belt

    2021 antistatic timing belt

  • 2021 acid and benzene resistant special timing belt

    2021 acid and benzene resistant special timing belt

  • Wipe glass robot timing belt

    Wipe glass robot timing belt

  • New Application Patent -1

    New Application Patent -1

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What is Industrial Variable Speed Belts
Industrial variable speed belts are a type of power transmission belt used to transfer power from one rotating component, such as a motor or engine, to another, such as a conveyor or machine. These belts are designed to operate at varying speeds and are capable of adjusting their speed to accommodate changes in the load or torque requirements of the system.
Variable speed belts are typically made from durable materials such as rubber, neoprene, or polyurethane, and feature a series of notches or teeth along their inner surface that engage with corresponding grooves or sprockets on the pulleys. This design provides a positive, non-slip grip and helps to reduce slippage and wear, which can lead to inefficiencies and premature failure.
One of the main advantages of using variable speed belts in industrial applications is their ability to adjust to changing operating conditions, such as varying loads or speeds. This can help to improve the efficiency and reliability of the system, as well as reduce maintenance costs and downtime. Variable speed belts are commonly used in a wide range of applications, including conveyor systems, HVAC systems, machine tools, and industrial equipment.

Benefits of Industrial Variable Speed Belts
One of the primary benefits of industrial variable speed belts is their ability to regulate the speed of machinery and equipment. This feature is especially important in applications where precision is critical, such as in the manufacturing of electronic components, medical devices, and aerospace parts. The belts also offer energy efficiency, reducing power consumption and operating costs. In addition, they require minimal maintenance and have a long service life, making them a cost-effective solution for industrial applications.