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Production capacity

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Productive capacity:
1. All kinds of Timing belt 8,000,000 stripes per year, the sales volume is 75,000,000 RMB per year;
2. All specifications of pulley 400,000 sets per year, the sales volume is 25,000,000 RMB per year;
3. With the mould opening equipments completed, all the Timing belt molding are produced by ourselves.
Time of delivery:
Timing belt: the scramble demand is good for the date of ordering, while the general order holds good for 10-30 days.
Pulley: the general order holds good for 10-30 days, while the special order can be expedited treated.


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1、Professional training in probation period , after passing the strict evaluation can one mount guard;
2、Do post training periodicly, and receive new technological and operating methods;
3、For the post of special type of work, only after passing the professional training can one hold certificate to mount guard;
4、Through please come in, walk out, fill new managerial ideas to the managing level;
5、Educate through specific study of procedure document, regulatory framework.

1、Our company is established with the timing belt project innovation center, has professional technical power to study and develop new timing products.
2、We retain timing belt core talents of Korea to our company, to modify and improve the technology of timing belt technology

Quality Assurance

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1、The main raw material, and the accessories are imported from Japan, England, and German.
2、We are equipped with kinds of inspecting machine, which can do static and dynamic physical testing to raw material, half-finished goods, and the completed products, also it can provide with complete set of testing report.
3、Our company accomplishes 5S management, the production environment is clean, and the fixation and the identification are clear.
4、The development of national and industry standards

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