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The mission:Fulong Timing Belt, Synchronizes with Times.
The enterprise philosophy:Seeking existence by quality, and winning confidence by sincerity.
The quality policy:Creating fulong brand to develop the market, and sincerely treating the customer keeping solemn promises.
The value:No best, but only better.
The personnel selecting principle:Priority in those who has morality and talent, forstering in those who has moral but no talent, quitting in those who has no moral nor talent.


GB/T 19001-2008/ISO 9001:2008 ISO 9001:2008 ISO/TS 16949:2009 ISO/TS 16949:2009

Brief History

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•1984.08 The company was founded, name is Ningbo Synchronous Belt factory.
•1987.10 Timing belt products was passed national accreditation, to filled the domestic vacancy.
•1988.07 Timing belt development project on national spark plan.
•1990.01 Passed national secondary measurement acceptance.
•1992.08 Set up Sino-US join venture“Ningbo Oriental Pearl Belt Co., Ltd ”
•1995.09 Variable speed v belt passed experts acceptance.
•1996.01 Variable speed v belt development project on national spark plan.
•1996.10 Ribbed v belt products passed experts acceptance,
•1997.12 Passed ISO9001 quality management system certification.
•1998.11 Renamed Ningbo Fulong Synchronous Belt Co., Ltd (Limited Liability Company)
•1999.05 Approved “Ningbo belt engineering technology innovation center”.
•2000.08 Founded Shanghai Fulong Synchronous Belt Co., Ltd(business for domestic sales).
•2002.05 Investment RMB 20 million, implement of belt and pulley production line a technical stage.
•2003.06 Implement of ERP management.
•2004.04 Investment RMB 16 million, implement of belt and pulley production line the second phase of technical.
•2004.08 The company founded twenty years, donated RMB 1 million to charity.
•2004.12 Implement of 5S management.
•2005.04 Invited the Korean technical expert to join.
•2005.09 Investment RMB 33.88 million, implement of auto belt production line technical improvement project.
•2006.09 Identified as Ningbo High-tech enterprise.
•2007.03 Identified as Zhejiang Province High-tech enterprise.
•2008.02 Passed TS16949 certification.
•2008.09 Passed ISO14000 environment management system certification.
•2008.10 Identified as province AAA grade“contract-observing and credibility”unit.
•2008.12 Identified as Ningbo technical standards independent innovation demonstration enterprises.
•2009.06 Identified as Ningbo“small and medium-sized enterprises credit AAA grade”.
•2009.12 Fulong brand won the title “Ningbo famous brand product”
•2009.12 The company “belt innovation center” was awarded the “Ningbo enterprise engineering (technology) center” title.
•2010.06 Identified as Ningbo “small and medium-sized enterprise credit AAA grade” again.
•2010.10 Awarded 2009-2010 year China “house tape association” v belt top ten enterprise.
•2011.02 Identified as Ningbo “tax credit A grade unit” again.
•2011.07 Indentified as Ningbo “small and medium-sized enterprise credit AAA grade” again.
•2011.08 Awarded Zhejiang province business enterprise credit AAA grade“Contract-observing and credibility”unit.
•2011.09 Identified as “national high-tech enterprise”.
•2011.11 Awarded Ningbo “credit management demonstration enterprise” title.


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